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I just finished "A Plum In The Syrup" Wow!! I took lots of notes and cried a few times as well..all good though! On page 29 you said.."I've always been a risk taker"....I'd always maintain a sense of inner calm knowing that wherever I was, happened to be a part of the divine plan" You know what it is like to LEAVE your comfort zone so I listen to you. I cannot thank you enough for your articles and especially this book. You are a favorite author of mine. BTW, love the story about your niece and the plumb in the syrup accident. BRILLIANT!!! Here is to your continued and growing success. God bless your heart.

Shelley M, Ontario, Ca

In his new book "A Plum in the Syrup," Dan Herzner gives you a real perspective regarding life's journey. He does a great job of weaving spiritual principles with down to earth life and business strategies. A great message for those looking for the truth about life and the challenges we all face.

Joe N, NY
bestselling author of Spiritual Selling

Your book was very interesting and I am still going over and over the chapters to understand it better. It has given me alot of changes in my thinking which is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

Selvarani B, Malaysia

Overall, I thought your book was a great food- for-thought approach to what we need to hear. I did accomplish one big thing regarding my main thought process for my site, and it was indirectly inspired through reading your book, so thanks for that. :)

Kelly J, WI

Daniel, I just finished reading your book. My overall impression is that it is very positive and very optimistic it is very worthwhile and very readable. The final Chapter explaining the title "The Plum in the Syrup" is excellent.

Jenny G, FL

What spoke to me the most was the style. You didn't have a holier than thou attitude like many books of the same spoke like an "everyman" that I think people will connect with.

Lisa A, NY
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A PLUM IN THE SYRUP: 17 Observations, Suggestions And Truths You Can Adopt To Live A More Fulfilled Life.
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